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Are you looking to improve performance, aid recovery and prevent injuries? Do you want to combat stress and enhance your metabolism and circulation? Massage therapy could be the solution you're looking for. Our skilled Brisbane CBD massage therapists specialise in sports and remedial massage. With a wealth of knowledge and a passion for what they do, our therapists can help you relieve tension and stress. Our studio is located on Queen Street, right in the heart of Brisbane city for easy access.


All of our remedial and sports massage therapists are highly trained and keep up to date with their hands on skills to offer you the best massage therapy to support you.


Our therapists understand that different lifestyles have different demands. Working with everyday injuries, to elite athletes in the Brisbane Lions and Cricket Australia teams, our therapists will tailor your treatment to your needs.


You can find our studio in the Brisbane CBD Golden Triangle, conveniently located near many offices. We understand your busy schedule, that’s why we offer appointments from 8am – 6pm.

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Your Detailed Assessment

During your initial assessment, your therapist will discuss your medical history and uncover the root causes of your pain or tension. Understanding tension and the associated areas that may be contributing to it are key. Once we know the cause of pain, we can then provide a comprehensive treatment plan.


Treatment Plan

We know that different lifestyles and injuries have different demands, and your detailed assessment will determine the best plan. Working with everyday workplace and repetitive injuries - to elite athletes like the Brisbane Lions, your treatment plan will be fully tailored to your unique needs.


Individualised Management

Your treatment plan is your roadmap; however, our therapists may uncover other underlying issues during your massage therapy. Individualised management means that our therapists are fluid and dynamic - we listen to your body and respond with the right treatment; that's our difference.


Ongoing support

Real support matters and our team are available to answer any questions you have between sessions. Our clients love this benefit. Know that you have the right team helping you feel your best. Get in touch today to discuss your needs and let us put forward a massage treatment plan that works.

We work with

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Surgery &
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on the spot private health fund rebates available

Did you know we can do on-the-spot private health fund rebates? Massage therapy is an acknowledged treatment for many injuries and health issues. Private health insurance could cover it, or if your GP refers you under a CDM plan you can qualify for a Medicare rebate. Invest in your emotional and mental well-being by booking a massage therapy session today!

The benefits of remedial massage 

How can Activate's Sports & Remedial Massages help?


Sports injury or long hours at the desk, quick recovery is essential for your physical and mental well-being.


We help executives to elite athletes avoid repeat injuries. Prevention is also critical when recovering from surgery.


Feeling at your best improves your mental clarity and helps you achieve peak performance, at work and play.

Who Can Benefit from Massage Therapy?

Massage therapy can improve the health of a wide range of people. It's a treatment that can help improve both physical and mental well-being. Our clients range from athletes needing help with recovery to working professionals suffering from tension due to long hours at their desks. It's also great for people who are recovering from surgery and might have ongoing movement restriction and tightness. Or, simply everyday individuals with persisting aches and pains!

Whatever your situation, our team will be happy to advise on the best course of action. Whether it be with sports or remedial massage, our skilled therapists can get you on the path to better health. Our location and hours are perfect for busy professionals working in the Brisbane CBD.

Remedial Massage Health Benefits

Remedial massage has been shown to have a range of positive physical and psychological effects. A remedial massage session involves the assessment, analysis and treatment of your body. Remedial massage uses the manual application of pressure and movement on soft tissues. This promotes the flow of blood and lymph, stimulating nerves and conditioning the skin. It also helps stretch and loosen the muscles.

Remedial massage can benefit a wide range of people looking to boost their well-being. Many people find it to increase their physical relaxation, flexibility and energy levels

Client receiving massage therapy treatment at Activate Health and Fitness Gym

Sports Massage Health Benefits

Sports Massage treatment focuses on preventing injuries and improving performance. It's suitable for anyone from elite athletes to casual sportsmen and women who want to prevent injury and help recovery. Sports massage helps the body recover after exercise and prepares the body before exercise.

If you’re looking to reduce stiffness and soreness, sports massage is for you. By improving your range of motion, sports massage can lead to better performance. What’s more, it can cut down recovery time after an injury.

Get in touch with the Activate Health and Fitness team, and we’ll create a plan of attack based on your needs. We ask you about your training, goals and the sport you do to offer the best massage therapy to support you. Whether you need pre or post-event help or general help with your well-being, we can advise you on the right treatments.

The Activate Approach:

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Our fully qualified massage therapists get 5-star reviews from our clients.

Caring Team
Our team truly understand that different lifestyles have different demands.

In Brisbane's CBD
If you have a busy schedule, we think you’ll love our flexible 8am – 6pm hours.

Sports & Remedial Massage services that are competitively priced with over 200 5-star reviews!





1st Remedial Massage $105

1 Hour $105

45 Minutes $90

30 Minutes $60

Our skilled massage therapists

helping busy corporates to elite sports teams

Have questions about remedial and sports massage? Message us below or call us on 07 3726 5303

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