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We make it easy and convenient for Brisbane City professionals to prioritise their health and fitness

Activate Health and Fitness offers you holistic health and fitness solutions on Queen Street in the heart of the Brisbane CBD. We offer one-on-one and small group training, and physiotherapy services that you can easily access before or after work, or even during your lunch break.

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Physio, PT, Small Group Training and Results Measurement — all in one place

Activate Health and Fitness offers a holistic fitness and health solution under one roof.

We understand that for working professionals, your time is your priority

So we make it easy for time poor professionals to work fitness around their work schedule.

Free first PT session to get started

We do this by offering:

A central Brisbane CBD location

Conveniently located right in the heart of Queen Street

One-to-one PT sessions

We tailored PT sessions to your needs and goals

45-minute small group PT classes

2-3 classes per day (morning, lunch and after work) to fit working professionals' schedules.

All the on-site facilities you need

All the facilities and amenities you need for your workout and to get ready for work, including private on-site showers complete with hair products, body wash, dryers and straighteners

Flexible payment options

No lock-in contracts and cancel anytime.

It’s all well and good to say that fitness and wellbeing should come first. At Activate Health and Fitness, we believe you can have both. That’s why we focus on making it easy to make your health and fitness work with your workday.

Free first PT session to get started

A solution designed for your inner city commute — no driving required

So many gyms around Brisbane require you to drive, due to their location — which isn’t really a viable option for Brisbane CBD professionals who catch public transport to work.

At Activate Health and Fitness, we’re based within walking distance from Brisbane’s inner city Central Business District, right on Queen Street.

We have everything you need on-site in one place for PT, small group classes, physiotherapy and body composition scans. We’ve even got shower facilities on site so you can easily slot PT or physio in before, after, or during your workday between meetings, or on your lunch break — without the need to leave the CBD.

About our team

Our experienced team of personal trainers and physiotherapists are passionate about helping you achieve your fitness goals and improve your wellbeing through sustainable lifestyle changes.

Whether you’re wanting to get fit, lose weight, build muscle, improve your mobility or recover from injury, we’re committed to helping you do that through our integrated approach to health and fitness. We’re here to guide you and support you through your journey.

Our experience

Activate Health and Fitness has been here in the Brisbane city for 6.5 years. Each of our Personal Trainers and our in-house Physiotherapists are fully qualified, experienced, professional and passionate about helping you to achieve your goals.

Our PT team is led by our head trainer, Pat, who has been helping his clients nail results through PT for more than 16 years.

We’re dedicated to helping you and all of our clients to achieve healthier and happier lives for many more years to come.

We have more than 80 5 Star Google Reviews

What our clients have to say

When you come to Activate Health & Fitness, you’re joining a community of people who are invested in your long-term success. Here’s what some of our clients say about the Activate Health and Fitness experience.

Ready to get started with training? Here’s how it works

Step 1

Book your free PT session to get started

To get started, all you need to do is book your FREE first PT session. You can choose the trainer, date and time when you book.

Step 2

We'll walk you through setup and make a plan

During your initial free PT session, we’ll go through a pre-screening questionnaire with you, talk about your goals, do a workout, make a plan, and show you the facilities.

Step 3

We'll get your signed up and you are good to go!

If you’re keen to go ahead after your initial PT session, we’ll get you signed up for either one-to-one PT, or our small group classes. From there, you’re good to go — we’ll see you for your next session.

To get started with physiotherapy, simply book online today!

Our approach to health and fitness

The benefits of a personal trainer Brisbane based – tailored solutions

The primary benefit of PT is one-on-one attention with a personal trainer who can help you create a tailored workout and treatment plan based on your fitness goals, health conditions, and personal preferences. This hands-on approach ensures you receive immediate feedback on form and technique, reducing your risk of injury and ensuring the exercises remain effective and safe – especially important for clients dealing with chronic pain or rehabilitation needs.

Personal trainers don’t just provide ongoing encouragement and support; they dive into the root cause of any limitations to help treat and prevent future injuries. Having scheduled appointments can significantly increase accountability and encourage you to stick to your fitness journey.

By working closely with a personal trainer, you benefit from their expert knowledge to adjust your program as needed, ensuring you achieve your fitness goals through personalised treatments and training techniques.

Situated in the heart of Brisbane City, our location offers convenience for engaging with our expert team members. Whether it’s before work, during a lunch break, or after work, we’re conveniently located close to your workplace. This eliminates the need for time-consuming commutes, streamlining your path to wellness.

The benefits of group training - collective motivation

Group training sessions offer a social environment, ideal for new clients looking to meet others who share similar fitness goals, fostering a supportive community that motivates one another. Group classes often vary in focus and format, from strength training, and cardio, to everything in between, which keeps activities fun and interesting.

Just like personal training, regular schedules of group classes can enhance accountability where participants are more likely to stick to their routine and reach their fitness goals collectively. Additionally, group training is typically more affordable than personal training, making it accessible to a wider audience.

Qualified personal training and physio Brisbane City based

Our Brisbane physio and personal training team comes from diverse global backgrounds, working internationally, in commercial gyms, and private studio settings. Some of our qualifications include Strength & Conditioning (S&C), Performance Enhancement Specialisation (PES), and Corrective Exercise Specialisation (CES), which ensures we can effectively help people adapt to healthier lifestyles.

Our equipment

At Activate Health and Fitness, we know that having a range of high-quality equipment can make all the difference to your workouts and fitness journey. That is why at our Queen Street gym, we have state-of-the-art facilities and equipment such as exercise bikes, treadmills, rowing machines, and much more to ensure all exercises are covered whether you’re first starting your transformation journey with us or joining from another gym.

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