Small Group Personal Training

Our Small Group Personal Training combines the individualised support of a personal training session with the power of community. Stay motivated and get the results you want at an affordable cost. Come along and try your first class for free!

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Crowded, generic fitness classes not your thing? Ours neither!

Want the results you can get from a personal training session at an affordable cost? Our small group personal training offers the best of both worlds. Capped at just 6 people, you’ll receive the individual guidance that you need from your personal trainer while working out in a small group of motivated people.

Our mission is to create a fun and supportive environment where everyone feels encouraged no matter what fitness level you’re starting from. Our private personal training studio in Brisbane CBD is comfortable and welcoming – no big, crowded and impersonal fitness classes. Whether you’re looking to boost your cardio fitness, improve your energy and mobility, or increase strength, our affordable small group personal training is the perfect way to get results.

What can I expect from small group training?

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Guidance & Support

Our small group structure means your Personal Trainer can tailor your workouts to suit your individual needs, goals and limitations. They also provide you with feedback and corrections to help you improve your form and technique to ensure you get results while staying injury-free.

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We recognise that teamwork and community plays an important role in staying motivated when working towards long-term, sustainable health and fitness. Working out in a small group environment boosts morale and can push you to achieve more than you thought possible!

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Fun & Effective Workouts

Yes, fun! No waiting around for gym equipment or stressing about your workout routines. Our experienced Personal Trainers carefully plan each session so you’ll never get bored and you can just focus on getting the most out of your workout and having fun.

What sets us apart?

At Activate Health & Fitness we believe the time you invest into your health and fitness should enhance your life in every way. It should increase your energy, improve your focus and make you feel stronger and more confident.

When you train us, you’re joining a community of people who are invested in your long-term success. Our experienced team are passionate about helping busy people achieve their fitness goals and improve their overall wellbeing by making sustainable lifestyle changes. Consistency and progress over perfection.

If you’re ready to take action and create a positive and lasting relationship with your health and fitness, then join our weekly small group personal training sessions.

We help you achieve real results

See what our clients say

Invest in your health and fitness

Customise your fitness goals with our flexible weekly membership plans. No lock-in contracts, cancel anytime. Your membership also comes with some pretty awesome benefits! Find out more below.



Best value at $20/session (groups of 6)



Comes to $25/session (groups of 6)



Comes to $30/session (groups of 6)

Additional Benefits

Weekly Timetable

Our personal trainers run group classes morning and afternoon from Monday through to Friday. Discover sessions that fit into your busy working schedule.



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How does it work?

No matter what fitness level you are starting from, our structured small group personal training sessions will get you from where you are to where you want to be.

Our weekly sessions run before, during and after work hours so you can find a time that suits your busy work schedule. We offer a variety of sessions, including strength training to improve your strength and mobility, HIIT and Boxing to put your cardiovascular system to the test and improve your overall fitness.

Joining is easy, simply call us or fill out the form below. Be sure to read the FAQs section below for more details and email us if you have any questions.

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Activate Health & Fitness Small Group Personal Training is for everyone and caters for all fitness levels. Whether you’re new to exercise and personal training or an experienced gym-goer, your personal trainers will ensure that you receive individual attention at your small group training sessions and make adjustments to suit your personal needs and goals.

If you want to:

  • get fitter and have more energy
  • form better lifestyle habits
  • lose weight and feel great
  • build muscle and feel stronger
  • get away from behind your desk and move your body
  • receive support and ongoing education
  • have fun and build connections with like minded people

Then small group personal training is right for you!*

* it is always recommended that you consult your medical professional before participating in exercise programs

Small Group Personal Training Sessions are capped at a maximum of 6 people per group and consist of strength, circuit and HIIT training. Morning, lunch and afternoon options are available to suit your busy schedule throughout the working week from Monday to Friday at the Activate Health & Fitness studio.

The schedule of available weekly sessions will be emailed to you upon enquiry. Simply choose which sessions you want to attend on a weekly basis to secure your spot in that group. Once you join up to a group session, you will train with the same group consistently every week at the same time. This not only helps you to keep accountable and get the most out of your sessions, but also build an awesome and encouraging team environment. If you’re not sure which sessions you want to attend, no problem! Just let us know and we can help you.

If you are a new client to Activate Health & Fitness, you will complete an initial health screening before your first session. This helps us determine where you are at with your fitness and what areas we need to focus on in training with you. Don’t worry if you have no experience with personal training. Our Personal Trainer’s are skilled at training groups of people with different levels of fitness and therefore no one will be left behind. We are all about inclusivity and making it fun at Activate Health & Fitness!

There are no lock in contracts and you can cancel at any time. Payment is taken by direct debit fortnightly.

Absolutely! Friends (or workmates) that train together stay together! If you already have a group of 6 people get in contact to discuss what we can do for you.

If you are unwell or you are unable to attend your Small Group Personal Training Session, please call or email your Personal Trainer as soon as possible to let them know you can’t attend. Activate Health & Fitness will always use its best endeavours to find a suitable alternative date and time during that same week in which you can make-up your session.

We work with with Christie, an Accredited Sports & Performance Dietitian from Multisport Nutrition. Activate HF clients are lucky to have access to some special nutrition packages and ongoing discounted services with Christie.

Give your diet and nutrition plan a boost with a 15-minute Dietitian consultation and your choice of Nutrition Plan ebook tailored to your goals for just $80: Muscle Building, Sustainable Weight Loss, Keeping Healthy Habits or Fabulous Forties and Beyond.

Your Nutrition Plan ebook is the perfect kick-starter to create healthier habits. It includes:

  • 28 dinner recipes
  • Breakfast – sweet and savoury recipes
  • Lunch recipes
  • Snack ideas and recipes
  • Tips and strategies for achieving your goals and making food simple, tasty and nourishing!

Are you training for a specific sporting event or do you need more individualised nutrition advice? No problems! Just send us a message or call us on 07 3726 5303 and we can help you.

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