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Understand your injury and fix it! The physiotherapists at our Brisbane city studio are experts at diagnosing, treating and managing pain and injuries.  We strive to offer the best physiotherapy in Brisbane by applying the following practices.  Firstly, having highly experienced sports physio who stay up-to-date with research and training.  Secondly, identifying the cause of the problem, not just treating the symptoms.  Thirdly, and most importantly we explain the injury to you in simple language and work together on a plan for a full recovery. Our goal is to get you fixed, and keep you fixed by preventing your injury from returning!


During your session you will receive uninterrupted expert assessment and treatment in a private treatment room.


We listen and understand that every injury is different and requires custom treatment. For instance you and your physio will work together to design a tailored treatment plan that suits your problem and works with your lifestyle.


You can find us conveniently located in the heart of the Brisbane CBD. We offer appointments from 7am – 7pm so that you can fit your recovery into your busy schedule.


Our practitioners are extremely skilled with our Senior Therapists working for the Australian Olympic team and Australia Institute of Sport. 

Expert Physiotherapy in Brisbane Right on Queen Street

For physiotherapy in Brisbane city look no further!  Because it doesn't matter whether you’re an athlete, everyday worker, in chronic pain or suffering from a persistent injury, the physiotherapists at our Queen Street studio can help. Being located in the heart of Brisbane CBD, our studio is a short walk from most offices in the city.  Accordingly we offer physio appointments before, during or after work for people with busy schedules.

Our experienced physiotherapists treat people with a variety of health issues using sports physiotherapy and musculoskeletal physiotherapy skills.  Specifically, sports physios specialise in sporting-related injuries, but they also treat everyday aches and pain.  Because of their advanced training treatments they are experts at finding the root cause of the problem, and adressing the cause (rather than only treating the symptoms) is the key to treatment success.

One of the most experienced Physiotherapists in Brisbane CBD

Our senior physiotherapist has over 13 years of experience in private practice.  Recently having worked for the Australian Institute of Sport and the Australian Olympic team he has a wealth of experience handling all types of athletes and injuries.

At Activate we take pride in our professional excellence, which is why we undertake ongoing training.  We regularly attend professional development courses and lectures to stay at the forefront of our industry. Which is why, with us you'll always enjoy the most effective assessment and treatment techniques .

Our focus is to offer quality one-on-one treatment. You’ll always have your physio’s full attention throughout your appointment. In addition we'll take the time to explain the cause of your injury using simple language and 3D anatomy programs before proceeding with the treatment.  

What to Expect on Your First Physiotherapy Appointment?

To begin with, you'll sit down with your physio to discuss what you hope to achieve from your sessions. Your physio will ask questions and complete a physical examination to uncover the cause of the problem. By doing this, we can develop a personalised treatment plan. Our goal is to find the most cost-effective and efficient strategy to get you results as fast as possible.

With an established plan, we'll start your treatment in the initial session. The treatment could involve a few different techniques depending on your injury. Manual techniques such as massage, joint mobilisation and stretching are combined with long-term management strategies. These include postural re-education and home or gym-based exercises. Our aim is to help you achieve a full recovery and teach you how to stay injury-free.

We strive to provide the best physiotherapy Brisbane city has on offer!

on the spot private health fund rebates available

Physiotherapists are first contact practitioners who are experts at assessing musculoskeletal pain and injuries, no GP referrals needed.  Some people qualify for Medicare assisted physiotherapy, and in such cases a referral from your GP is needed for the Medicare rebate.

Meet your physiotherapist

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