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Manual Therapy Techniques are a specialised area of physiotherapy that involves skilled, hands-on treatments to assess, diagnose, and manage musculoskeletal conditions and pain. These techniques use a variety of hands-on methods and mobilisations that target specific joints, muscles, and soft tissues. They are designed to improve mobility, reduce pain, and enhance overall physical function. Our aim is to help you regain mobility, reduce pain, and achieve your physical goals.

If you want to live a pain-free active and healthy lifestyle, schedule your initial physiotherapy consultation and experience the benefits of manual therapy techniques for yourself.

What do manual therapy techniques involve?

Our Manual Therapy Techniques involve a range of hands-on interventions, tailored to your specific needs, including:

What are the benefits?

By choosing Manual Therapy Techniques at Activate Health & Fitness, you can expect a wide range of benefits, including:

Who can benefit from manual therapy techniques?

Manual therapy techniques can benefit individuals of all ages who are dealing with a range of musculoskeletal issues, including:

Private Health Fund & Medicare claims available for qualifying patients

Private Health FUnds

On-the-spot private health fund rebates available

Physiotherapists are first contact practitioners who are experts at assessing musculoskeletal pain and injuries, so no GP referrals needed for private health claims for those with qualifying cover for qualifying services.


Medicare-assisted physio referrals accepted

Some people qualify for Medicare-assisted physiotherapy, and in such cases, a referral from your GP is needed for the Medicare rebate. If you qualify for this rebate, and if you have a referral, we’ll gladly accept it at our physiotherapy clinic.

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Personalised treatment & tailored plans

Every person is different and so is every injury. We work with you to design a tailored treatment plan that works with your lifestyle, fits with your schedule and suits your problem and goals. We listen, and we ensure your physio recommendations are going to be sustainable for you.

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