Personal Trainer Brisbane CDB

Kreet first developed a passion for health and fitness at the age of five when she joined the local athletics and tennis clubs. She also practised volleyball, basketball, and hockey. After years of taking part in track and field competitions around Europe, she wanted to make fitness her career so she could help people feel healthy and happy in their bodies and show them what they’re really capable of.

Kreet received her personal training diploma in 2014 and has been working in the field ever since. Furthermore, she is a passionate running coach, Pilates and boxing instructor.

After 10 years of helping individuals become fitter, leaner, and stronger, Kreet believes that maximising client potential is based on consistency, mindset, and nutrition. As a coach, she will provide you with a science-based, fun, and goal-oriented training programme that will help you achieve and maintain the results you’re after.

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