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You already know that maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle is crucial to your wellbeing, but as a busy professional working in the Brisbane CBD it can be hard to find the time to put yourself first. You try to exercise and eat well but the daily demands of work, family and social events get in the way.

At Activate Health & Fitness we keep it real. There are no substitutes for good diet and exercise - good habits are formed through change and consistency. If you're looking for motivation, accountability, support and community, our 8 week fitness challenge is a great starting point towards helping you achieve your goals.

Whether you want to lose weight, eat healthier, improve your fitness or simply create better lifestyle habits, our team of experienced and friendly personal trainers, physios and dietitians will help you achieve real, sustainable results in just 8 weeks.

Kick start your health and fitness journey today!

What's included?

Personal Training

Weekly PT Sessions

3 x 45-minute small group sessions per week. Choose from 18 available strength, circuit training and HIIT sessions from AM to PM.


InBody Measurements

InBody measurements at the start and end of the 8 weeks tailored to your specific goals. Before and after cardio and strength testing.


Musculoskeletal Assessment

Your physiotherapist will perform functional and musculoskeletal assessments to identify any issues and best help you reach your goals.


Weekly Meal Plans

Your qualified dietitian will create weekly personalised meal plans and recipes specifically tailored to your goals and dietary requirements. 


Motivation & Support

Access to private Facebook group with weekly competitions, education and support from your team of PTs, physiotherapists and dietitians. 

Community Events

Meetup with your 8 week challenge crew for Saturday morning runs. Walk, run, or go for a personal best! Stay for coffee and a chat after.

What sets our challenge apart?

When you sign up to our 8 week fitness challenge you are joining a community of people who are invested in your long-term health and success. Our experienced team are passionate about helping busy professionals to achieve their fitness goals and improve their overall wellbeing by making sustainable lifestyle changes.

In just 8 weeks you will:

  • Improve your fitness levels and feel more energised 
  • Gain a better understanding of your body's specific needs through tailored physio assessments and nutrition plans
  • Achieve real progress towards your individual health goals
  • Feel supported and have fun with community of like-minded people!

We help you achieve real results

What our clients say about Activate Health & Fitness

An absolutely cracking team of personal trainers...enthusiastic, caring, attentive and will work with you to get what you are after.  Highly recommended. 

Sally Anderson

I'm having a great PT experience at Activate. Aaron is the first trainer I've had who's taken the time to zero in on my areas of weakness so I can start to see consistent results. 

Damien Oliver

Activate have been taking care of me for years. The results speak for themselves, and they've ensured that I remain on track even when I don't want to! I can't recommend them enough. 

Daniel Hallam

Over $800+ in prizes to be won!

Secure your spot for your chance to win

Keep active and motivated for your chance to win! Participate in weekly challenges for your chance to win first, second or third place in the Activate 8 week fitness challenge. Additional prizes are up for grabs along the way!


1st Place

$500 Rebel Sport gift card


2nd Place

$200 Rebel Sport gift card


3rd Place

$100 Rebel Sport gift card

Great value for just $89 a week

Weekly small group training sessions of up to 6 people with individualised support, personalised meal plans and recipes, musculoskeletal and functional assessment, access to discounted physiotherapy, ongoing education, $800+ in prizes and your own t-shirt are just some of the benefits of being part of our 8 week fitness challenge.

Secure your spot today for just $89 per week and you'll receive over $2,000 value!

Joining is easy, simply call us or fill out the form below. Be sure to read the FAQs section below for more details and email us if you have any questions.

Rowing Challenge

Limited spots, don't miss out!


You missed out!

Are you ready to join our 8 week fitness challenge? Message us below or call us on 07 3726 5303


Who is the 8 Week Fitness Challenge for?

The Activate Health & Fitness 8 Week Fitness Challenge has been designed for all fitness levels. Whether you're new to exercise and personal training or an experienced gym-goer, your personal trainers will ensure that you receive individual attention at your small group training sessions and make adjustments to suit your personal needs and goals.

If you want to:

  • get fitter and have more energy
  • form better lifestyle habits
  • lose weight and feel great
  • build muscle and feel stronger
  • get away from behind your desk and move your body
  • understand your body composition and what it needs
  • receive guidance from a qualified dietitian
  • receive support and ongoing education
  • have fun and build connections with like minded people

Then our 8 Week Fitness Challenge is right for you!*

If you are already a current client of Activate Health & Fitness, be sure to ask your PT about the 8 week fitness challenge.

* it is always recommended that you consult your medical professional before participating in exercise programs.

What's included?

The Activate Health & Fitness 8 Week Fitness Challenge includes:

  • 3 x 45-minute Small Group Training Sessions (6 people) per week for 8 weeks (strength, circuit and HIIT training)
  • 15-minute consultation with your Dietitian at the start of the program + weekly customised meal plans, recipes and ongoing support
  • Musculoskeletal and functional assessment with your Physiotherapist to identify any injuries and potential issues at the start of the program
  • Before and after InBody Measurements with print-out copy
  • Before and after cardio and strength testing with your Personal Trainer
  • Before and after photos (optional)
  • Optional community event meet-up group each Saturday morning for 8 weeks
  • Access to private Facebook group with with weekly competitions, education and ongoing support from your team of PTs, physiotherapists and dietitians
  • Access to discounted Physiotherapy Offers during the 8 week program
  • Activate Health & Fitness 8 Week Fitness Challenge t-shirt
  • The chance to win $800+ in prizes during the program

Am I locked into a contract?

No. You can choose to pay the full amount of the program upfront or direct debit the amount weekly.

How are the prizes determined?

Keep active and motivated for your chance to win! First, second and third place prizes will be determined on a points based system in accordance with participation and results in weekly challenges posted to the Facebook group and overall effort and commitment to the spirit of the 8 Week Fitness Challenge. Additional prizes are up for grabs along the way so show us your enthusiasm for your chance to win!

How do the Small Group Personal Training Sessions work?

Small Group Personal Training Sessions will be capped at a maximum of 6 people per group and consist of strength, circuit and HIIT training. Morning, lunch and afternoon options will be made available to suit your busy schedule throughout the working week from Monday to Friday at the Activate Health & Fitness studio. Before the start of the 8 week challenge, you will be emailed a list of session options and you will lock in your 3 preferred session times to attend each week for 8 weeks.

What if I'm sick or miss a Small Group Personal Training Session?

If you are unwell or you are unable to attend your Small Group Personal Training Session, please call or email your PT as soon as possible to let them know you can't attend. Activate Health & Fitness will always use its best endeavours to find a suitable alternative date and time during that same week in which you can make-up your session.

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