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Activate Personal Training

Activate Health & Fitness' dedicated team of trainers focus on assisting clients to achieve their goals in the most efficient and effective way possible by helping them stay motivated, train smart, avoid injury and recover well.

One of the main benefits of having your own personal trainer is that they customise your workout for you based on your goals. Whether you exercise in our studio or outside, your personal trainer can make sure you are getting the best out of every workout.


One on One Personal Training Session

One on one personal training at Activate Health & Fitness is the ultimate exercise experience.  It’s your opportunity to work one on one with your own fitness professional to fast track your results. Our personal training sessions are customised just for you and considers your current fitness level, past training history and individual goals. Our trainers have extensive experience and proven track records in strength and power generation, weight loss programs, lean muscle development, goal setting, fat reduction and sports specific training.

Personal training services includes nutrition analysis, and a lifestyle assessment including InBody body composition analysis enabling both you and your trainer to regularly monitor levels of body fat, lean muscle mass and muscular development so you can understand how your diet, lifestyle and training regime are influencing your overall body composition.

At Activate Health & Fitness we focus on your goals, likes and dislikes, and create a program that is fun, focused, goal driven and designed especially for you to achieve results.

Group sessions

Health and fitness is contagious. Small group training at Activate Health & Fitness with family and friends is a cost effective way to support your health and fitness goals.  Whether it is two on one sessions with your partner, grabbing a girlfriend to train alongside you or with a small group of 3-6 friends, you can guarantee you will all be challenged in a fun and dynamic environment and driven to achieve your goals. This is perfect if you like working out with your friends or partner.

We will push you through mental and physical barriers with amazing results. Catering for all fitness abilities, we can personalise your sessions according to your individual health and fitness goals within a group environment.

Corporate Training

Group Training Sessions

All trainers at Activate Health & Fitness fully support organisations incorporating health and fitness into their workplace culture. Our trainers can work with you to achieve this and you can expect workplace morale and productivity to skyrocket!

All corporate group sessions are fun, entertaining and focused with a positive workout atmosphere encouraging your staff to achieve a healthier, fitter body and a happier approach in your workplace. Activate Health & Fitness cater for all fitness levels and age groups. Other benefits of corporate group training include building working relationships, stress management and decreasing employee illness, therefore limiting the amount of time away sick from the workplace.

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