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Corporate Packages

Activate Health & Fitness is a boutique studio providing personal training, physiotherapy, remedial massage and nutrition services for people who want results.

Located in the heart of Brisbane CBD, our personal training studio takes a holistic approach to health and fitness focusing on training, nutrition and lifestyle. Our state of the art studio equipment, personal trainers, dietitian and massage therapists provide the perfect environment for you to achieve your fitness and wellness goals.


Personal Training

Activate Health & Fitness' dedicated team of trainers focus on assisting clients to achieve their goals in the most efficient and effective way possible by helping them stay motivated, train smart, avoid injury and recover well. One of the main benefits of having your own personal trainer is that they customise your workout for you based on your goals. Your personal trainer will ensure you get the best out of every workout!

We offer one on one training sessions, and groups of two, three or four people for 30 or 45 minutes.

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Corporate Group Fitness Sessions

All trainers at Activate Health & Fitness fully support organisations incorporating health and fitness into their workplace culture. Our trainers work with you to achieve this and you can expect workplace morale and productivity to skyrocket!

Our corporate group sessions are fun, entertaining and focused with a positive workout atmosphere encouraging your staff to achieve a healthier, fitter body and a happier approach in your workplace. Activate Health & Fitness cater for all fitness levels and age groups. Other benefits of corporate group training include building working relationships, stress management and decreasing employee illness, therefore limiting the amount of time away sick from the workplace.

We offer 45 minute in-house or outdoor training sessions (up to 20 people) and yoga classes. Read about the benefits of yoga.

In House Chair Massage

Our team of massage therapists are ready to motivate and revitalise your team with corporate massage in the workplace. Choose from a seated chair massage or roving massages – at desk.

Seated Chair Massage - Relax and recharge in an ergonomic massage chair. Our chairs are ideally suited for the office as they are specifically designed for workplace massages. This is the most popular option allow staff away from their desk in a quiet space. For seated chair massages, we recommend 10, 15 or 20 minutes per person.

Roving Massage (at desk) - With our roving at desk massages, our therapists move quietly from person to person without disrupting the work environment. No equipment is needed as your staff remain at their desks. This is the best option where there are large numbers of staff and we supply Activate me now signage for your staff to display on their desks so our therapists can easily locate them. We recommend 10-15 minutes per person for a roving massage.

Our team will reduce tension, reward and de-stress your staff which can lead to increasing productivity and motivation. We can tailor a corporate wellness program to suit your organisation’s needs. Motivate, revitalise and reward your team today.

Remedial Massage

Combining the skills of personal training and massage therapy can have a powerful impact on your overall health and fitness outcomes. Most people would agree that a massage makes them feel great, but many don’t understand just how beneficial regular massage is for their overall health. 

Activate Health & Fitness' massage therapists specialise in remedial and sports massage*. Our therapists can improve performance, aid recovery, prevent and eliminate injuries, combat stress and even enhance your metabolism and circulation.

Booking times and pricing are available through our online booking system. Private Health Rebates are available.

Nutrition Services

Good nutrition is an important part of leading a health lifestyle.  Combined with physical activity, your diet can help you to reach and maintain a healthy weight, reduce your risk of chronic disease and promote and enhance your overall health.

At Activate Health & Fitness we are passionate about your health and wellbeing! Our qualified accredited practicing dietitian will work with you on your health and fitness journey and provide you with the tools that need to succeed.*

Booking times and pricing are available through our online booking system. Private Health Rebates are available.

In House Corporate Seminars

Our team at Activate Health & Fitness are passionate about educating and assisting our corporate clients on the benefits of a well balanced lifestyle, which can be a challenge when sitting for long periods Monday to Friday! We provide seminars tailored to your audience on topics such as:

  • The benefits of core strength for posture
  • Basic circuit routine of foundation exercises for individuals to do at home
  • Stretching routine for at the work station to improve posture and decrease pain.
  • Express chair massage provided for participants.
  • Nutrition basics, how to enjoy a whole foods lifestyle and debunking the common myths around certain diet and food trends.

When you book an In House Corporate Seminar or In House Massage Services your employees will be entitled to the special corporate offering of 1 X 60 minute massage for the price of a 45 minute massage, and 2 complimentary PT sessions in the studio. Ask us more about our offerings here.

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Pricing and all other enquiries can be sent to or contact Katie Dall on (M) 0405 590 914.