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Are you someone who yo-yo diets or constantly struggles with food cravings? Perhaps you are someone who trains hard in the gym, or for competitions, but aren’t achieving the results you desire? Are you a busy professional that doesn’t know what to cook for dinner and eats out far too much? Or maybe you’re apart of a company that values the health and wellbeing of your employees?
At Activate Health & Fitness we know there isn’t a one-size fits all approach to health. Our resident accredited sports dietitian knows how to help you get the results you want and get you excited about food again! Whether that be one-on-one consultations, or group workshops, our dietitian will empower you to reach your goals whatever they may be, conveniently located in our Brisbane City studio.

Achieve your goals with a Nutrition expert! - The Initial Consult

The initial consultation with your dietitian and nutrition expert is client-focused and goal orientated. You can expect an in-depth conversation as you get to know one another and we learn about your challenges and expectations. Our primary goal is to help you reach and sustain your goals. We ensure a comprehensive nutrition assessment is conducted and provide feedback and practical strategies for you to work towards each subsequent session with meal plans being discussed in the review consultation – sorry there is no short-term fix here! We want to empower you to make the changes to become the healthiest version of you!

Personalised Plans Backed Up by Science - Review Consults

There is no one size fits all when it comes to healthy eating. Achieving your nutrition or performance goals will depend on your genetics, exercise routine, health conditions, medications and social factors. Getting the balance right is not as simple as calories in/calories out! Dietitians interpret the science behind nutrition, so you don’t have to, delivering it to you in a simple and easy to implement manner.

If you are looking for a meal plan, this can be discussed and developed in your review consultation. A personalised plan will be created incorporating your specific preferences and energy requirements. Additional race plans, recipe development or specific health condition nutritional advice can be also be discussed and strategized in consultation..

Sports Dietitian & Nutritionist

Nutrition in the Workplace - Increase productivity with the help of a Dietitian

Are you looking to improve productivity and well-being at your Brisbane office? Then why not book out resident dietitian for a nutrition seminar! We are located in Brisbane city, only a short distance from most CBD offices alternatively our dietitian can come to you any where in Brisbane.

We offer corporate group sessions, including nutrition seminars and practical cooking demonstrations. These workshops are educational and engaging, helping your employees achieve optimal health, well-being and productivity! Expect to leave these sessions with a wealth of nutrition knowledge, practical tips, new recipe ideas and useful resources.

on the spot private health fund rebates available

Great News! All consultations and group education sessions with a dietitian can be covered by private health insurance. Alternatively if you are referred by your GP under an EPC Plan you can qualify for a Medicare Rebate and a reduced gap fee. Take action and start your journey towards reaching your goals by booking with our Brisbane CBD dietitian today!

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