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Are you someone who yo-yo diets or constantly struggles to know what to eat? Or, maybe you’re just not sure why the hard work in the gym isn’t transforming you into the lean machine you want to be? At Activate Health & Fitness, we offer a wide range of nutritionist and sports dietitian services. From one-on-one consultations to group workshops, we can help you find the right diet. Our in-house nutritionist and weight loss dietitian can help get your diet on track, right here at our Brisbane city studio.

Achieve and Sustain Your Goals with the Help of a Dietitian

Are you regularly feeling exhausted or in poor health? Maybe you even tried to get help, just to be told that there’s nothing wrong with you? Have you tried every trendy diet and weight loss challenge out there, but still not getting the results you want? A qualified nutritionist might be able to help.

The individual consultations with our expert weight loss dietitian are client-focused and goal-orientated. We’re here to help you first reach and then sustain your goals. We have a holistic approach to nutrition and health, and we know that one diet does not fit all! We make nutrition simple, achievable and sustainable, so you don’t leave with just a short-term fix. We want to help you make a lifetime change that’ll see you being the healthiest version of you!

Personalised Plans Backed Up by Science

There’s no one size fits all when it comes to diets. The right diet will depend on your body, exercise routine, health condition and the medications you might be on. No wonder it can feel like cracking the code to get your diet right! Dietitians specialise in the fine details of nutrition science, using their knowledge to create a plan that’s unique to your needs.

Our nutritionist consultations are in-depth and engaging. We are experts in taking the science behind nutrition and delivering it to you in simple and easy-to-implement actions. Each client will get a personalised plan built around their lifestyle and preferences by our dietitian. This can include anything from meal plans, recipe ideas and healthy eating advice to health condition fact sheets.

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A Nutritionist Can Help Increase Workplace Productivity

Are you looking to improve productivity and well-being at your Brisbane office? Then why not book our in-house nutritionist for a seminar! We are located in Brisbane city, only a short distance from most CBD offices, but our nutritionist can come to you anywhere in Brisbane.

We offer corporate group sessions, including nutrition seminars and practical cooking demonstrations. These workshops are educational and engaging, helping your employees achieve optimal health, well-being and productivity! Expect to leave these sessions with a wealth of nutrition knowledge, practical tips, new recipe ideas and useful resources.

on the spot private health fund rebates available

If you're not convinced yet, let us tell you that all consultations and group education sessions with a nutritionist can be covered by private health insurance. Or, if you are referred by your GP under a CDM plan you can qualify for a Medicare rebate. Stop the wait and get started on your journey towards your goals by booking in with our Brisbane CBD dietitian today!

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