MAria Jankowska

Maria Jankowska

Personal Trainer

Born and raised in Poland, Maria has always loved the outdoors, hiking, biking, running and traveling. Maria's passion for her job translates into her personal life as well. She exploded onto the obstacle racing scene two years ago, where she quickly made a name for herself on the competitive circuit. Obstacle racing has become a huge part of her life. Her biggest achievement was obtaining the title of Spartan Race Middle East Champion – the obstacle course held in Dubai, consisted of 30 km and 40 obstacles.

Maria wants to show everyone who gets stuck or has their confidence shaken now and then, that there is always a way forward. She always drives her participants to push to the limit and achieve results in their workout. Maria strongly believes that fitness and health is not only about maintaining weight, but having a strong heart, body and mind and feeling confident and energetic.

Maria specialises in strength and conditioning training, obstacles course race preparation, mobilising the body, fixing any imbalances and learning how to move efficiently.

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