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At Activate Health and Fitness, we understand that teamwork and community play a huge part in staying motivated when working towards long term, sustainable health and fitness. Our small group classes use our entire facilities and are capped at a maximum of 12 people per class. Whether you’re coming by yourself or with a group of work friends, anyone is welcome to join up to have fun and work hard together. Group classes are available Monday through Friday at an affordable cost of $20 per session.

People working out at Activate Health and Fitness Gym

Our Classes Offer Something for Everyone

We offer a different 45-minute small group class each day Monday through Friday at 11 am. Choose your preferred style or mix and match to challenge yourself and work on all different aspects of your fitness!

  • Monday | Boxing
  • Tuesday | Strength 101
  • Wednesday | HIIT
  • Thursday | Core & Mobility
  • Friday | Circuit Extravaganza

Stay Motivated and Meet Your Goals

With our targeted classes there is something for everyone! A group setting is a great way to stay active and motivated on your fitness journey. Whether you’re looking to boost your cardio fitness, improve your mobility or increase your strength, you’re welcome to ask our friendly team for advice on which class would best suit you. All small group classes are taught by our expert instructors, who make the classes engaging and motivating.

People working out at Activate Health and Fitness Gym
People working out at Activate Health and Fitness Gym

Lunch-Hour Classes to Suit Corporate Schedules

In addition to individuals, we welcome companies to arrange staff to sign up for our group classes. Our lunch hour classes that go from 11-11:45 am are the perfect way to stay active and get energised in the middle of the workday. For those with busy schedules, it is an easy way to fit a workout in your day and look after your well-being!

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If you’re leading a busy life and struggling to stay motivated and active by yourself, or simply want to benefit from the support and encouragement of a group environment, why not give our small group classes a try? Give us a call to inquire more today! Terms and conditions apply.

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