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The team at Activate Health & Fitness understand that companies are looking for ways to invest in the health and wellbeing of their staff. An integrated approach is vital for sustainable health, which is why Activate Health & Fitness offer a range of corporate services that are facilitated by the experts in the industry and cater to all fitness levels and age groups.


Just like the workplace, teamwork and community play a huge part in staying motivated when working towards long term, sustainable health and fitness. Grab your workmates, make your own personal training squad, and have fun working hard together.


Is your company looking at ways to boost the health and well-being of your staff members? We can come to you! Our experienced massage therapists can provide in-house posture and workstation assessments and chair massages.


Our corporate group seminars are fun, entertaining and focused. Our expertly qualified and passionate team members can provide health and wellness seminars on topics such as posture in the workplace,  fitness, nutrition, cooking classes and much more! 

Improve Health & Productivity at the Workplace

All our trainers fully support organisations incorporating health and fitness into their workplace culture. Our trainers work with you to achieve this and you can expect workplace morale and productivity to skyrocket!

Our corporate group sessions are fun, entertaining and focused with a positive workout atmosphere, encouraging your staff to achieve a healthier, fitter body and a happier approach in your workplace. Benefits of corporate group training include building working relationships, stress management and decreasing employee illness, therefore limiting the amount of time away sick from the workplace.

We Come to You

The team at Activate Health & Fitness are passionate about educating and assisting our corporate clients on the benefits of a balanced lifestyle, which can be a challenge when sitting for long periods Monday to Friday! Is your company looking at ways to boost the health and well-being of all your staff members? We can come to you! We do in-house posture and workstation assessments, health seminars, cooking classes and chair massages.

We provide seminars tailored to your audience on topics such as:

  • The benefits of core strength for posture
  • Basic circuit routine of foundation exercises for individuals to do at home
  • Stretching routine at the workstation to improve posture and decrease pain
  • Express chair massage

A Variety of Packages Available

We have a range of corporate health and well-being packages available. These packages can include anything from corporate group fitness sessions (indoors or outdoors) to remedial massage, nutrition services, seminars, personal training and more. What’s even better is we can customise additional packages to suit you based on your workplace needs.  Just contact us and see what we can do for you!

Have questions about our corporate services? Message us below or call us on 07 3726 5303

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