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Free Fitness Events

Who doesn't enjoy a bargain, or better yet something for free?! Yes, you heard us correctly - 100% free.

Our fitness is of paramount importance and yet so many of us can't find the time, money or motivation to get up from behind that iphone or computer to stretch our legs and squeeze in that all important 30 minutes a day. 

Well we have news for you. We're busting every one of your excuses with our FREE fitness classes that we run EVERY SINGLE WEEK at Activate Personal Training. Not only will you get the benefit and experience of a qualified personal trainer for free, but you'll also make friends, get high on endorphins, save money for that [insert really expensive thing you've been eyeing off forever here], and a few extras!

What's the catch we hear you say? Well, the catch is that you'll love it so much you'll never want to go back to your unhealthy habits!

1. THR1VE Wednesdays

Every Wednesday the THR1VE Commuity Class commences at 11:45 am on the grass in Post Office Square for a 30 minute fitness session led by qualified personal trainers at Activate PT and be rewarded afterwards with a free smoothie from our friends at THR1VE.

Bring your co-workers, bring your friends and have an (almost) guilt-free weekend!

What to bring:

  • a hat, waterbottle and sunscreen
  • exercise equipment is provided
  • no need to register, just show up

Activate PT and THR1VE Friday HIIT Sessions

Don't be lazy Jess! 

2. Wednesday ASICS Training Club

Every week the ASICS Brisbane flagship store (on Adelaide Street) run a free training club led by a qualified staff member at Activate Personal Training. 

The training club is a blend of running and resistance training, in a fun, social and relaxed group setting. 

What you need to know:

ASICS Training ClubMedina Hill says what?!

3. Activate PT Free First Session

New to personal training and not quite sure what you've gotten yourself in for? Never fear! 

At Activate Personal Training we understand the importance of feeling comfortable in your training environment. We encourage anyone who wants to activate their personal training to come in and experience our studio firsthand.

What you need to do:

Activate PT Studio


4. Bootcamp Saturdays

This one is seasonal depending on whether we are running our 12 Week Challenge, but it's worth checking out our social media from time to time.

During the 12 Week Challenge season, Activate PT runs a 45 minute Saturday morning boot camp in New Farm Park. These sessions are open to everyone who wants to come along and they are completely free.

What you need to do:

Saturday Bootcamps

Can you work it?!

With a little know-how you'll soon be enjoying all the free fitness classes that Activate PT have to offer and be on your way to a fitter you!

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