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Did you know that our first sensory system to develop is touch?

In newborns skin-to-skin contact promotes greater sleep, regulates movements, brings calmness, and reduces stress throughout our growth and change in lifestyle.

However, as we get older we push our bodies to the limit - excessive desk work, prolonged standing, lack of sleep, intense training, and injury . All these ignored aches, pains and stiffness eventually cause the whole body to go into a chain reaction of imbalance. Our focus fades, emotions start to overwhelm us and our nervous system becomes overloaded.

Why then is massage seen as a rare treat or reward to yourself only on special occasions? Should we not be viewing massage as an essential part of our overall health? It should be treated like doctors appointment to keep your general well-being in check.

With dedication and consistency massage can assist with relieving pain, prevent  future injuries, slow down illness, decrease fatigue, boost physical performance and mental concentration.

Still need convincing? Here are four reasons you should be having regular remedial massages:

Corrects problems that eliminate the ‘vicious cycle’ complaints

Massage is more than just pampering! Trained therapist can assess your body and design an individual treatment plan. This assists in observing change over time in each client.

By addressing the source of the issue, it stops the main cause of tension and pain spreading to other areas. For example, if your shoulders get tight and pulled up it stiffens the neck leading to the jaw clenching and may develop into headaches. A skilled massage therapist can release headaches through the shoulders, in turn relieving jaw and headache tension.

Increases joint mobility

Releasing muscle tension helps to increase joint range and movement. When the joint is unable to move to its full ability it's because the muscle that holds these joints has shorten and restricted its length. This gives you a feeling of instability, pulling and ridged motion. When these are no longer stiff and tight the joint returns to its primary function of supporting your muscles. 

Massage also decreases the chance of developing future health conditions like arthritis, soft tissue pain, bone fractures, chronic inflammation and muscle dysfunction.

Joint movement

(Picture: Nino Liverani)

Improves posture

Its no secret that we are largely sedentary creatures. Our work and lifestyle habits have us sitting down a majority of every day. 

Sitting while working on our computers or watching television increases muscle tension. Eventually our muscles adapt to our bad posture and our neck, shoulders and lower back become tight while our core becomes weak.

Remedial massage can help remedy these problems by returning balance and length to your muscles, improving your overall postural alignment.

Assists with health disorders

Studies have shown that remedial massage provides positive benefits to health disorders including insomnia, headaches, depression, anxiety, back pain, arthritis, high blood pressure, chronic pain or constipation.

Remedial massage therapists have a diversity of techniques, skills and knowledge that could further help with the treatment of muscular-skeletal conditions such as osteoarthritis, nerve damage, fibromyalgia, paralysis, heart attack and stroke.

Let's face it - having a massage every week would be everyone’s dream but hear me out! As this article shows, massage can be so much more than a simple indulgence. 

If weekly remedial massages aren't possible, then consider getting them fortnightly to at least once a month. Having regular remedial massages helps to maintain the body’s normal healthy functions, assists with muscle stiffness or tightness, and helps prevent future injuries. After all, your greatest wealth is your health!

Anna Nguyen Massage Therapist


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