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Can you believe it?!

Activate PT's very first 12 Week Challenge has drawn to a close....though some would say it's only the beginning!

12 Week Challenge

What a good lookin' bunch!

On 5th February 2018, the gauntlet was thrown down: 12 weeks, nutritional consultations with our resident nutritionist and dietitian, one on one PT sessions and group training every week, Saturday boot camps, health seminars, and remedial massage. The result? As a group we're down 61.5kg and 275.5cm! (OMG!!!). Full stats are at the end of the article.

Not only did the actual participants benefit from the 12 week challenge, but many partners and family members also attended the free Saturday boot camp sessions and we all got fitter together.

Saturday Boot Camp with Activate PT

Some of the highlights of the 12 week challenge included the "Plant Based Nutrition and Sustainable Living" seminar which included cooking demonstrations and an A M A Z I N G plant based grazing table from our friends at Platter to Plate.

Who could forget this?!

Platter to Plate

The 12 week challenge was capped off by The Spartan Race on Saturday, 28 April. Everyone who participated got down and dirty and had great fun.

Activate PT Spartan Race

Team Activate at the Spartan Race

We have to say though that we are very very proud indeed of our highest achiever, Leanne Bryant who lost an amazing 17kg and 55cm during the challenge.

Leanne - Activate PT 12 week challenge winner

Leanne says:

"I almost completely stopped training! My knee was weak and constantly sore because of the excess weight I was carrying.  I felt run down, unwell, tired, demotivated and emotional most of the time.  I knew I had to do something to change before it was too late and became irreversible but also knew it would require substantial effort and commitment which I was doubtful that I had.  Along came the Activate PT 12 Week Challenge. 

I hummed and harred, carefully considering my options (and alternatives), but I couldn’t look past the holistic approach Activate PT had taken.  Regular massages for my sore, achy knee and muscles, a Plant Based dietitian to ensure I was educated correctly to eat Plant Based and an amazing team of personal trainers who genuinely cared about my results, not to mention weekend Bootcamps and a social, healthy breakfast afterwards. The support was amazing.  

Now I’ve tried every diet known to God and man and this Plant Based challenge was going to be another.....or so I initially thought.  Hand on heart, I was dreading turning my food world completely on it’s head to eat 100% Plant based for 12 weeks.  With the help of some online apps, Google and the endless support of fellow challengers and the Activate PT crew, I found eating Plant Based to be.......the easiest lifestyle change I’ve ever made! I have new found energy, lost over 17kgs and 55 cms off my body, and re-ignited my love of cooking. My skin and eyes are clear, my hair feels great and I can run!

The 12 weeks is now over but it doesn’t feel like the end, because it’s not.  For the first time ever, I know this is a lifestyle that’s right for my mind and body and one that I can comfortably sustain.  Changing to Plant Based really wasn’t the challenge, overcoming my mind was!"

So at the end of the 12 weeks, here's the final stats as a group!

Total weight lost                     61.5kg

Total cm lost                           275.5cm

Minutes added to plank         16.01

Minutes added to wallsit       28.46

Extra push ups                        196


We had such an amazing time with our clients doing the 12 week challenge and can't wait for the next one. Stay tuned!

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