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3 benefits of chiropractic care when working with a personal trainer

The benefits of working out with a personal trainer are obvious, you get support and accountability around your training and have personalised programmes written and delivered to suit your fitness ability and goals. If you are serious about making some gains at the gym then investing in a personal trainer is a great idea.

As a chiropractor, I have always worked with many personal trainers and their clients. Both myself, the PTs and clients have all noticed the following benefits of including chiropractic care when a new client embarks on an intense training cycle with a personal trainer.


1. Correct spine and pelvis alignment is key to good movement and injury prevention- To make this simple, the spine and pelvis are essentially the foundation of the body. Large muscles and ligaments attach to the spine, so if the spine or pelvis is misaligned this can have a massive impact on how these muscle activate, release and function. Also, when building muscle or adding load to the body with weight training it is essential that the spine is aligned correctly in order to avoid injury. Much like building a house… you need the foundation to be correct and stable, this is the same with the body. The foundation (spine and pelvis) should be in correct alignment in order to allow the body adapt to the training you do with your personal trainer.

2. Creating a health care team in order to get the best results- Getting fit and healthy is a big job! If you are in it for the long haul it is important to have a team working around you in order to help you stay injury free while working out. I work together with your PT to help build the best programme for you which can include any corrective exercises or movements that need to be avoided in order to prevent injury. Getting fit isn’t just about looking good, it’s also about building a strong, injury free body so you can do all the things you enjoy for the rest of your life.

3. Assistance with recovery from training sessions- In addition to chiropractic adjustments I also do a lot of soft tissue trigger point and active release techniques. These soft tissue techniques can assist with recovery from hard training sessions with your PT by releasing muscle tension and promoting blood flow to wash out the lactic acid and other post workout metabolites that can accumulate in your hard working muscles. This can assist with a quicker recovery from workouts and will allow you to push harder in your next workout with your trainer.

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(Article by Dr Miki Humphrey)

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